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Types of Tattoo Styles

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Traditional Tattoo Style

When you think about classic tattoos, you probably think of traditional tattoos. Traditional tattoos are known for their bold black lines and vibrant colours.

Tribal tattoo Style

Tribal tattoos have existed since the dawn of tattooing, with each culture having its own distinct style. They usually feature intricate patterns and can range in size from small to full-body tattoos.

Watercolor tattoo Style

Watercolor tattoos have recently gained a lot of popularity, which makes sense given that more and more women are getting tattoos. Watercolor tattoos have a delicate and lovely appearance.

Blackwork tattoo Style

The Blackwork tattoo style is exactly what it sounds like: black ink tattoos with no colour. Blackwork tattoos can range in complexity from very simple to highly elaborate. If you want a tattoo that will stand out, blackwork is a terrific choice.

Realism tattoo style

The Realism tattoo style is exactly that... realistic tattoos. These tattoos can be in colour or black and grey and seem realistic. When you want your tattoo to seem exactly like its real-life counterpart, realism tattoos are the way to go.

Trash Polka tattoo style

Rubbish Polka is a tattoo style that incorporates blackwork, realism, and trash into one design. This tattoo style is typically black and red, but various colours can be used depending on the tattoo.

Geometric tattoo style

Geometric tattoos are characterised by their use of lines and shapes. This current tattoo design is more diverse than it appears, ranging from simple shapes to complicated patterns and even rendering everyday objects geometric.

Black and Grey Tattoo Style

One of the most popular tattoo styles is black and grey. In the black and grey tattoo style, you can make any other style of tattoo. To make tattoos seem fantastic, this style emphasises on shading. And, according to some, is the "Original" of tattoo styles.

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Aesthetic Tattoo Style

Almost any aesthetic tattoo style can be used. There are tattoos dedicated to beauty appreciation and the nature of beauty. Aesthetic tattoos might be large or small, black or coloured, or anywhere in between, as long as they are attractive to the eye.

Small Tattoo Style

Small tattoo style refers to tattoos that aren't overly big. They can be done in any style and in colour or black and grey. Small tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as first tattoos and as a means to fill in the gaps for individuals who already have a lot of tattoos.

Micro Tattoo Style

Micro tattoos are the tiniest types of tattoos. Micro tattoos are very little tattoos, hence the name. Some of these Micro Tattoos, like the Humming Bird tattoo below, are extremely detailed. Micro tattoos should only be done by a professional tattoo artist.

Abstract Tattoo Style

Abstract tattoos are similar to abstract art in that they do not seek to depict external reality. Abstract tattoos may be done on any theme, and they're a terrific way to make even the most basic tattoo design stand out.

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